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.i dream of simple things that i can believe in.
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One More [04 Jul 2008|02:46am]
Wow I would give almost anything for one more night of his arms. I've never felt so safe in someones arms as I have his. He looked at me like I was the only girl that would ever matter. And now things are so weird we hardly talk and I actually miss him

[21 May 2008|07:37pm]
I've been dating DJ for two weeks now. Its amazing I'm so happy. He is great to me and treats me like a princess

Way to long [15 May 2008|03:27pm]
I have been gone for far to long. Here is the beginning of blogging again.I graduate in 7 days then it will be a summer of work and hope that meridith manor will accept me.I will be a professional rider one way or another. More to come later

[03 Jul 2007|04:26pm]
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[21 Aug 2006|12:19am]
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credit for banner __discover [26 Aug 2005|10:58am]
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